• Evap Winter Shutdown

    Performing a winter shutdown on an evap A/C can: /

    Improve the heating efficiency of your home
    Reduce the risk of bacteria and algae build up
    Maintain the condition of the evaporative air conditioner
    Isolate the power and water supplies to avoid faults

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  • Evap Covers

    for Winter /

    With the weather cooling as we head into winter, it’s time to cover your evaporative air conditioner with a winter cover.
    A cover will protect your air conditioner from the winter elements,
    eliminate air leakage AND help prevent cool draughts from entering
    the home when you’re trying to keep warm.

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  • Innovative

    Commercial Climate Control Solutions /

    We listen to you to deliver the perfect Design, Installation or Repair & Maintence for your climate control needs. Proudly servicing the York, Northam, Eastern Hills areas and the greater Perth Metro Area.

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  • Innovative

    Residential A/C Solutions /

    For your residential air conditioning we'll find the right solution whether it's for one room, a large living space or even your whole house providing the most effective air conditioning system for you.

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  • Innovative

    Winter Heating Solutions /

    Did you know one of the most cost effective way to warm your home in
    winter is with a reverse cycle air conditioner. You can stay toasty warm
    with no fires to light or fumes to worry about.

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What we offer /


Unmatched Climate Control Design

We can come to you to meet and discuss plans

We can review emailed plans to design and quote for the best solution for your needs

For domestic applications we can advise on climate control for everything from a 2 bedroom apartment to working with you or your architect, designer or builder for a large scale project such as a spacious family home. Solutions could range from a single split system to a large ducted air-conditioning system.

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Unmatched Climate Control Installation

Following the design phase, all the components including ducting and the main air-conditioning units are ordered

A time is scheduled for the installation of your air conditioning systems

If the installation is in a new building, the time of installation will be coordinated with the builder to ensure the system is installed at the optimum phase of construction.

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Repairs & Maintenance

Unmatched Repairs & Maintenance

We offer regular service contracts for commercial applications

Repairs as required for domestic and commercial air conditioner evaporative or refrigerated systems

A typical repair process would be:

Organise a time to diagnose the problem

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do you have any of these items on your checklist? /

Then we are the company for you.

  • Want air conditioning for the new home your planning?
  • Need a new air conditioner for an existing home?
  • Is your AC unit broken and you need it fixed?
  • Air-conditioning not working as well as you think it should?
  • Require regular servicing of your unit to maintain operational efficiency.
  • Preventative maintenance to avoid a ‘melt down’ of the system.

We use industry best practice to determine what is required

With our help you can make an informed decision:

  • Repair vs. Replacement
  • Ducted vs. Split Systems
  • Reverse Cycle vs. Evaporative
  • Budget
View our case studies to see how we work for you

We use & recommend /