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A Perth based business suppling ducting and MyAir Series 4, a controlling system within the ducting that regulates and modifies temperatures in up to 10 different zones. It’s all controlled with the latest technology and a touchscreen or by MyAir App.

See Our products page for more details about our products and why we recommend them.

We understand our business is to support you and your business by maintaining operational efficiency, protecting your assets and maximising year round comfort.



Draco Air is a York based firm offering climate control solutions for the York, Northam and Eastern Hills areas, as well as the Perth Metropolitan area.

We design, install and service high quality air-conditioning units for complete climate control in homes and commercial premises.

Every day we help you, our valued clients, solve your climate control problems by:

  • Listening to your individual needs and then providing you with  - brilliant quality design, installation and service
  • Taking time to efficiently diagnose problems and provide HONEST, practical solutions
  • Responding promptly to  your service requests
  • Cleaning up before we leave the site

'You can rest assured, we test extensively to see if a problem can be fixed with a replacement part and we never just assume ‘you need a whole new system!’

Climate Control for Homes:

We offer complete packages including system design, installation and after sales service.

Climate Control for Commercial Applications:

“Fit-for-Purpose” Air-conditioning Systems for a huge range of commercial applications.

We have provided commercial solutions for:

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Mining & Industrial Sector
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Specialist IT & Data Centres
  • Large Multi Scale Residential Complexes

We offer ongoing excellent support to you and your business by:


  • Maintaining operational efficiency
  • Protecting your assets
  • Maximising continuous comfort


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